Terminology cont….




Doi Ying Facing the Image
Gerk Jong Wooden Leg Dummy 
Ging lick Explosive Power
Mo Kwoon Kung Fu Training Hall
Sa Bau Sand Bag




Si Jo Founder of system
Si Tai Gung Great Grand Master; your Si-Gung's Sifu
Si Tai Wife of a Si Gung
Si Bok Gung Si Gung's older brother
Si Suk Gung Si Gung's younger brother
Si Gung Grandfather of a kung fu family; master; your sifu's sifu
Si Bok Uncle; your Sifu's older kung fu brother
Si Suk Uncle; Sifu's younger kung fu brother
Sifu Kung fu Teacher; one's kung fu "father"
Si Mo Sifu's wife
Sihing Older kung fu brother
Si Jai Older kung fu sister
Si Dai Younger kung fu brother
Si Mui Younger kung fu sister



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